Helping Solve Organizational Challenges
Through Personalized, Contextual Training
and Deep Facilitation
Designed to Produce Actionable Results

Recently we had a seasoned manager tell us “you flipped that room in five minutes”. That’s what we do. We create trust to provide a learning environment. We use dialogue to have the participants explore their choices, thoughts, and feelings. When participants explore differing thoughts, they can reflect on their own opinions. By coming together on shared meanings of an organization’s vision, values and goals, true transformation begins. Our goal is to seed and motivate that transformation. We use a cutting edge dialogue process that results in people choosing to change their minds. Then higher productivity behaviors follow.

Here’s some of the feed back we’ve received from recent programs we facilitated…

“Can’t wait to use this at work.”

“Brad has given me a lot. I look forward to applying this!”

“Very hands on, focused on individual needs.”

“Great use of examples/stories to illustrate topics.”