How We Work

Want to know our secret and out methodology? It’s Deep Facilitation. If you really want performance change, it comes with learning. Deep learning. Not PowerPoint slides. Not a workbook. Our participants and our trainer/facilitators actively create the workbook together. We call this process deep facilitation. It is participatory and engaging.

Sure, you can find plenty of trainers. We have tried, experimented and worked on our methodology for over ten years. Some of our trainer/facilitators started as motivational speakers. If you want one we will connect you with some talented people. It does have its place if people have all of the necessary skills and goals. What we do is special: we get behind what your staff or members do. We work with how they do it and the why behind it. And that creates change. Promise.

Expected Results

Results from my deep facilitation are clear answers to the questions What, Why and How. Most importantly, the participants will have created the answers. They will see their daily interactions differently. They will ask better questions and create dialogue. Our goal is to change people’s minds, not just their actions. Using proven methods, we work together – it’s a process — to identify their barriers as a team, their mindsets, both of the leadership and the group. This then allows us to creates actionable activities.

Our training is focused on skills that are immediately applicable. Participants identify for themselves what they are going to work on. It may be different words, better questions, or acting on real priorities. After my session, your team members will also want to leverage these new skills. We get at the why they work level. Participants tell us why they are important. They make critical connections in their mind.

Our Beliefs

We believe that most people already have this knowledge. The most important activity we do is listen. Our job is to come to where learners are and help them to make the connections. This happens with dialogue, not monologue. We continue to search for better answers. We tell participants to take everything we say with a grain of salt. Not every concept works in every situation. Our work is to help identify the correct application.

Our Approach

The learning is about you not us. We interview our clients. Before the session. In some cases survey them. At times we’ll talk to participants. Many times we create case scenarios to reflect what is really happening in your organization. We want participants to walk away with tools and concepts that are actionable. It’s not what they know, it’s what they do. Change comes after learning has taken place.

Our approach is based on content and context. If we are facilitating management to front line supervisors who manage minimum wage workers, our approach is vastly different from a group of engineers. Or a set of college Resident Advisors. Most of our work is based on their questions, not our answers. The context must meet the learner’s world as they know it, otherwise learning does not take place.

The real key to our success is that participants will have actionable items that can they can instantly apply or develop over time. Your managers can fold the action items into annual review goals. Or use them for coaching opportunities, especially in follow-up conversations.

Why we are Unique

Our approach uses the latest in research and technology to get the deepest learning. That said, one of the comments we hear often is that we held participants attention all day long. We use visuals because they go to a deeper part of the brain. The agenda for your session will be based upon your learners. We will pull out the tools as needed. When needed. We create the workbook together. When we work with two groups in the same organization, the days will be different as the participants who show up. Everyone is not a cookie cutter. Neither is our training and facilitation.

Now that you have a better sense of us, it’s time to take a look at more specifically what we do.