Our training classes improve employee skills and improve ineffective behaviors.

We design our trainings to teach information in a way that aids participants in deeply understanding. We use a facilitative dialogue style to connect participant with the information in a more personal and applicable way. It’s all about identifying daily actions in their business context. We use best of breed models and exercises to illuminate these concepts.

Sample training topics include:

  • Customer service
  • Time management
  • Effective communication
  • Handling difficult and situations

Contact us for a full set of topics. Our training classes can be 2 hours to 2 weeks depending on your needs and budget.


Our facilitation sessions help solve your tough organizational problems by working directly with your staff. Our goal: to change employee minds and behaviors by leading them to understanding the why of your firm’s problem situation. Once people understand why, we or you can quickly get to the how-to of the fix.

The purpose of facilitation is to create the learning within the participants, not at them. It’s for your unique problems and situations. We use activities and interactive discussion to uncover what’s up at your organization and why it’s happening. Using models and visual examples, then by asking reflective questions, we connect participants with useful concepts about similar workplace situations. These concepts are a framework that guide us toward solutions and improvements.

By the end of a facilitation session, participants have “aha’s” that change how they view the firm or situation. We get at the why more than the how to. The how-to is the easy part; we’ll have done the heavy lifting to get your staff to see the underlying problem, assumptions, and culture. This aha is the seed of change and improvement. And people have fun getting there.

Contact us for facilitation examples. Our facilitation sessions can be 2 hours to 2 weeks depending on your needs and budget.


Retreats are one or several day sessions depending upon the goals of the group.

Many hire us to help design designed to create learning or develop Values, Vision or Mission Statements. Other times it’s just to help the group sort out an issue. When groups create their own solution, They buy in. These become the tools for answer the questions Why and How. Formal and informal reinforcement may then be woven in by the leadership. Without these questions answered by the group, you have a rudderless ship.