“Brad provided our Customer Care team with a series of training over a period of several months. Each time he returned, previous lessons were reinforced which helps with our knowledge retention. Many teammates expressed to me how quickly the time passed with Brad and how comfortable they felt asking questions in the sessions. Each of us learned new techniques to work with our customers to consistently provide the best service possible, while retaining our sanity! Not only is customer service about the customer, it’s about taking care of our team so we can be the best – Brad provided us with all the tools necessary to succeed. Brad’s energy and experience is top notch – not to be missed!”   – Alexandra, M.

“Brad has facilitated three on-site seminars for our staff and will be on-site again, this Spring 2012. He is adept at customizing and delivering quality programs that provide attendees with relevant, practical take-aways. We have received wonderful feedback from attendees. I highly recommend him.”  – Sharon K. Sr. Manager, Training, Development & Employee Relations. Washington, DC.