What’s a Conversation?

Phone calls lead two way conversations!My plane landed at 11:00 at night. We turn on our phones.

A businessman across the aisle loudly exclaims, “Why is it I hate all of these texts and emails?”

“Do you want to know? “ I ask “Yes” he replies. “They are monologues not dialogues” I tell him. His eyes widen “Can I use that?” he asks. “It’s yours” I tell him.

Emails are a wonderful way to pass information. I have had two travel agents for over ten years. I’ve never met them. We exchange 99% of our information via email. Perfect.

On the other hand, when communicating with a sales rep or client it needs to be a conversation. What is said leads to another layer of the conversation. It requires listening and formulating based on the other party. Tell a doctor it hurts. That leads to a whole tree of questions. Where? How often? What intensity? Imagine trying to do that by email. Boy, you think health care is complicated now!

There are companies that have stopped internal emails on Friday. I had a client decide to do this, just for a morning. Call…pick up the phone and have a dialogue!