Who We Work With

We work with a wide variety of organizations seeking improvement in their member or staff personal and interpersonal skills

We’ve positively changed the work lives of:

  • Managers
  • H.R. Professionals
  • Leaders
  • Line staff
  • Organization members

Organizations that hire us to train and facilitate have these common traits. They…

  1. value training and education, and this values comes from the top down
  2. use SMART goals and measure for results
  3. openly share and commit to organizational goals
  4. are “open systems” ; they want to know what’s working well elsewhere to use for their success.

We train to accomplish positive change. Do any of these problem situations sound familiar to you? If yes, we can help. In just one session. Honest.

As a manager, leader, or experienced motivated person, team members defer to you for decisions. Despite a team structure, there is little or no interdependent behavior. Team members point fingers and avoid conflict. Personal goals drive decisions and actions. There is a general lack of trust. Our solution: We work with teams to create their own values, vision and goals. More importantly, they will identify what stage they are in and the barriers that keep them from a higher level. In some cases we will focus on interpersonal skills. The key is help the group figure out what is holding them back.

Employees come to you for decisions without thinking. Or staff members don’t complete their work, or complete it, but incorrectly. People do not speak up in meetings. No one seems willing to take any risks. Rule books and procedure manuals are quoted for reasons why accomplishments are lacking. Our solution: Work with the manager and department members to identify goals and priorities. Group members will also learn to coach each other and identify where there are developmentally in their job. At the end, members will have listed out action items to follow through on for improvement.

You have a difficult group that will not make a decision. They get lost in the minutiae. Some groups disconnect from experts and data. By making a decision, effort will now be required of people. The manager wants buy in. Unfortunately, they have gotten bogged down in trying to keep everyone happy.
Our Solution: We will facilitate the group through the process using a number of different tools. If there are too many ideas we will flush them out with the group and have then prioritize them. Other times the project is overwhelming and the group need some touchstones for identifying where they ultimately want to go. Such as a merger.

You received emails, all of which are tagged as Urgent – your inbox is full of red exclamation points. Staff members are working later and getting less accomplished. Prioritization is poor. Goals are not reached. The high stress level affects the quality and creativity of work across your organization.
Our solution: The culture in your organization has become overwhelmed. Time management is the tip of the iceberg. Now action management and an understanding of what trips us up during the day will be addressed.

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